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What is an Arch Club?

Arch Clubs are voluntary run social clubs for people with additional needs located in 15 counties throughout Ireland.

Who are Arch Clubs for?

Membership of an Arch Club can vary from club to club depending on age and diagnosis


Where is the nearest Arch Club to me?

A list of Arch Clubs can be found


What do Arch Clubs do?

Each Arch Club provides different activities depending on membership and facilities. Activities include games/sports, arts & crafts, music, opportunities to socialise, outings, and skill development.

What are the benefits of being a part of an Arch Club?

An Arch Club is a great addition to a weekly routine. It is an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, learn new skills, have new experiences, and have fun!

How do I become a member of an Arch Club?

Requirements for joining an Arch Club vary for each club. Please contact the club you are interested in for further information, contact information can be found at

How do I become a volunteer with an Arch Club?

Many of our Arch Clubs are always looking for new volunteers. The recruitment process may involve things such as an application form, an informal interview, Garda vetting, safeguarding training. 

What training or experience do I need to get involved as a volunteer with an Arch Club?

The requirements and responsibilities of a volunteer will be outlined with a job description depending on the needs of each Arch Club.

Do I need Garda vetting to get involved?

All volunteers are required to complete Garda Vetting through the National Federation of Arch Clubs. Individual Arch Clubs will help volunteers with this process.

How can support or donate to my local Arch Club?

There is a donation link for each club on clubs page at


There is no Arch Club in my area, but I would like to get involved

We are always interested in supporting the opening of new Arch Clubs. Please feel free to get in touch at or

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