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A Laois Point of View

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

On the 18th November 2021, Laois Arch Club had their long-awaited Arch Club Christmas Party, and here is what some of those involved had to say . . .

Anne Foley, Laois Arch Club Member:

I was looking forward to the surprise gift and was delighted. If the party was canceled I would think good thoughts and feel lucky to have hobbies. The Arch club party was magical. And great to see everyone. The Atmosphere was amazing. The Staff and team of Midlands Park Hotel are all wonderful. A Big Thank you. Arch club Ladies and Gents. You are so thoughtful and special. From Anne

Maria O'Connor, Laois Arch Club Volunteer:

As a volunteer with Laois Arch Club, I was saddened when COVID-19 took its toll on our club, and unfortunately, we could not meet up monthly as we had previously done. Whenever I did meet a member out and about, the burning question was always ‘’when do you think we will be back??’’. However, every cloud has a silver lining, and on the 18th of November, the Laois Arch Club was back -if for one night only, with our long-awaited Christmas party night. Guidelines and restrictions were carried out with military precision and it was all systems go. As I entered the party room I was engulfed by the merriment, happiness, and joy of all of our members. It truly was a celebration to be back together again. We had a lovely meal, a singalong, prizes and last but not least, a visit from Santa and his elf. It was without a doubt a magical night - to see the happy smiling faces of our members thrilled to be there. I felt I had been back in Santa's grotto with all of these wonderful people. It really felt for me like the true spirit of Christmas!

Maria O'Connor, Volunteer, first left

Mary Kerr, Parent of Joe Kerr, Laois Arch Club Member:

After last night's party, I was thinking a lot about the night and the word that kept coming to my mind was MAGIC.

From the minute people arrived at the door, you could feel everyone's excitement and joy at actually seeing each other again. And this is the MAGIC bit, it was as if there was a big box outside and everyone put all those unhappy, tough covid times into it and entered happy land. The room was beautifully decorated and so well organised but above all it was filled with smiles, laughter, rekindled friendships, happiness, fun, and dare I say a sense of wonderment that "actually this is real, I am back at the Arch Club", music, gorgeous food, the list is endless.

Of course, the next piece of MAGIC was when Santa and his helper arrived, well the excitement was mega.

My own opinion is that Thursday night in its magical way was the tonic so many needed and that the organisers and volunteers are indeed the best MAGICIANS in the world.

Thank you, everyone.

Mary Kerr, second from left, and Joe Kerr, third from left

Santa's Little Helper

Making Magic Moments

The 'Big Man' Himself

Thumbs Up All Round

Ain't No Party Like an Arch Club Party

Some of the brilliant Volunteers

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