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Providing a social outlet for people with special needs

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What are Arch Clubs?

Arch Clubs provide a secure social environment for people with special needs, allow their siblings and friends to learn, form friendships and above all, have fun.

Aims of Arch Clubs 

  • To provide a social outlet for people with special needs.
  • To develop the members social skills, self-esteem and quality of life through a dynamic range of activities.
  • To provide support and information for parents and families.

  • To influence public policy towards those with special needs through contact with statutory agencies.


Community Based Clubs

The National Federation has at present over 50 community-based social-inclusion-for-all Arch Clubs spread out all over Ireland.



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Members & Volunteers

There are approximately 2,000 Arch Club members, nearly 1,000 volunteers, plus up to 3,000 associated persons involved nationwide.



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Federation of Arch Clubs

We are a registered charity and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of Corporate Governance.



Policy & Governance

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National Youth Volunteer Award

Glen Meehan Ronanstown Arch Club

who was runner up in the National Federation of Arch Clubs  2016 youth volunteer awards.


 And congratulations to

     Jack Short of the Portmarnock Arch Club who became this years National Youth Volunteer for 2016  


Calling Arch Clubs

we in the Ronanstown Arch Club Dublin would love to meet up with other groups around the country,  maybe exchange visits or plan an event together. If interested

contact Caroline Lawless 086 1304596








 Saturday 12th March 2016 was a beautiful sunny day with blue skies.

Some members of Dundrum Arch Club and three helpers met up at the Lucas stop in Dundrum at 9:30am and took a trip into town. We got off the Lucas at Stephens Green. We took a walk through the green and sang the song “Dublin Can Be Heaven”. We then walked over to the Mansion House.

By Philomena O Dowd

Dundrum Arch Club.




PRESS RELEASE 14th May 2016



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The sun shone brightly as members from Arch Clubs, , gathered from all ‚Äč the corners of Ireland to help celebrate their 40th Anniversary in style.

Members and volunteers started the day with lunch which was followed by 
dancing to the wonderful music from Gorey band, Thunderbirds, who said 
once again it was the best gig they had played at and did encore after 
encore as members chanted one more tune.

The National Arch Club Choir also lifted the roof with their renditions 
of Fields of 
Athenry and Amarillo, led with movement by volunteer
Duffin of Naas ArchClub.

Other talents of the members were to
 be seen as an Arts and Crafts 

exhibition was set up to display
 some of the work that goes 
on at the
clubs during the year.

Ciaran Cronin, vice chairperson of the 
Arch Council, presented our 

 Youth Awards to
Glen Meehan from
 Ronanstown and 

Jack Short 
Portmarnock and said
 these young persons were  great 
examples of 
what wonderful young
 leaders we have volunteering in our 

Everyone went home happy, safe and all looking forward to next year!

Mary Davitt      PRO   Arch Clubs

Tel: 086 8649415














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